Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dear Tom

Dear Tom,

It's been 203 days since we first started this crazy adventure.
I remember when we had our first Skype Date...
In fact it wasn't even a Skype date....more like a fripe...Friend Skype!!
This was after we decided it would be cool to send letters back and forth.
So things were moving along smoothly and then that first Fripe happened.
It was SO awkward...don't even lie to yourself and say it wasn't because it was ;)
BUT...I realized that even amidst the awkwardness, i wanted to see you again.
That's like HUGE...because if i even feel a twinge of awkwardness...
i run in the opposite direction.

But this was a different kind of awkward...It was magical.
It was like talking to a kid on the first day of school when your 5.
You realize they're a cool kid, you say hi...it's weird and then you go play on the playground.
BOOM Best Friends forever!!! 

That's what it was like with you.
But we're more than friends....
So really this is more like the story of boy meets girl..
On the playground of course,
Boy chases girl and.... BOOM {you guessed it} A Relationship is born!!

So obviously our Fripe turned into Skates {Skype Dates}
And here we are 203 days into our adventure.
I like to call it an adventure because it's fun and magical and ridiculous.
Things are always exciting and changing and moving and it's cool....it's really cool!!

We can talk about anything...from Cats to Bird eating spiders.
Sometimes i wish the spider conversations wouldn't happen so often...
Maybe we can work on that ;)

I love how we send each other selfies like the ones above...
I know your beard is in it's final days...
Pictures like this one will be a little remembrance of the beards glory days ;)

So far our biggest problem is distance.
But we seem to be handling it pretty well.
You bought a plane ticket after knowing me for like 2 months.
That's INSANE...but i'm so so glad you did it!! 

Thanks for choosing to talk to me on November 6th 2012.
That day has changed everything.
And i wanted you and everyone to know how much you mean to me!!



  1. wow just three weeks! Time is going by so fast.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

    1. I know, SO fast...but not fast enough at the same time haha ;)