Monday, May 13, 2013

No more hints...Tomily Summer ROAD TRIP!!!!!

For the last 4 months we've been planning something EPIC!!
I don't like saying epic unless it's really epic and this is indeed really really EPIC!!

We've = Tom & myself!!
It all started with this blog post called 
That blog post was followed by this blog post called

These posts were followed by hints
Hint #1 - "It's Grand"
Hint #2 - "Four faces hard as rock!"
Hint #3 - "Stars and Signs"
Hint #4 - "Long red bridge"
Hint #5 - "You can count on this old geezer" 

I mean really if you read between the lines you'll see exactly what's happening.
We're going on a road trip.

What better way to show someone America???
Get out on the open road, grab a map or {GPS} and set sail!!

Tom has never been to America, and I wanted to show him our beautiful country.
We've both Backpacked Europe, so we feel very capable of doing this.

Plus we're going to some of the COOLEST places.
Some of these places i've been to, and some of them i've dreamed of going to.
I've also ALWAYS wanted to go on a road trip, like a BIG one!

This is my last care free summer, I've still got 1 semester left in school.
So i'm taking advantage of this opportunity, and who better to share it with than Tom.
What better way to get to know someone than to trap yourself in a car with them for 2 weeks ;)
Tom beams when we talk about the trip, he is so so excited!!
And i'm excited to share this experience with him.
This is going to be....Epic...yea i said it again!! ;)

So the hints...I want to tell you what each of them mean.
They weren't the hardest hints, i'm sure most of you figured them out.
Hint #1 = The Grand Canyon 
Hint #2 = Mount Rushmore
Hint #3 = The Hollywood Sign and we're going to the Griffith Observatory. 
Hint #4 = Golden Gate Bridge/San Francisco 
Hint #5 = Old Faithful/Yellowstone National Park

We're doing A LOT more that just the above 5 hints.
So there's more to find out as time goes on.
Isn't this exciting???? yes...yes it is!!!

It's also CRAZY...which we both understand.
And if you've asked me what we will be doing while Tom is here,
and i've acted coy about's because we've been waiting to 
finish up plans before telling anyone about it. 
Well our families have known for a quite a while...but now everyone knows.
Which is GREAT!!!

I can't wait to tell you all more about it :)


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