Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Planes, Cars...and Greyhounds???

Yesterday we finalized the trip.
We've officially booked everything there is to book.
We know what we'll be doing each day we're there.

We'll be...
Flying to Cali.
Renting a Car from LA to Yosemite.
Hopping on a Greyhound from San Francisco to Santa Cruz & back again.

Tom and I have both backpacked europe.
He's been to a few different places than I have and vice versa.
He's used to Public Transportation in Liverpool.
And i remember what it feels like, not to have a car.
So not having a car in these bigger cities should be easy peasy.

We've planned it so beautifully.
We're staying within walking distance of Santa Monica Pier.
Then there's public transport to get around LA and to Hollywood.
We'll have the car for Yosemite which means we can go where we want.
Public transportation in San Francisco is looking pretty straight forward.
Getting to Santa Cruz Beach and back will be a breeze!! 

I mean we've done SO well.
I'm looking forward to it so much!!
& i know he is too!! :)



  1. Sounds absolutely amazing. I dream of going to California. I'm sure you'll have the best time, remember to take lots of pictures and blog about it when your back!



  2. That looks like such a fun trip! I just realized you changed your blog theme just now. :) I was just looking earlier so it totally caught me by surprise. Love it!

    Ps. I made a corrected size banner for your blog on my side bar, but if you wanted to use a different one, please feel free to just use the promo code 'rose' and I'll approve it right through. :)

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  3. If you are not driving in LA, be sure to block off HUGE portions of your day relying on public transport. It's one of the worst cities in the world for it. It will take you 3 hours each way from the beach to Santa Monica. (and if you get lucky and it doesn't, WOW! Count yourself extremely lucky!!)
    Let me know if you have any questions re: cali!