Thursday, May 16, 2013

Quickest Trip Planning EVER!!!

I think Tom and I deserve an award.
Like a medal or something, maybe a trophy with an airplane on it.

We move quickly, we're like roadrunner from the looney tunes.
{not sure why that's my example}

So Yesterday we postponed our road trip.
Today we booked our flights to California.
It's impressive...i know!! 

We're heading to Los Angeles first.
Then we're driving up to Yosemite National Park.
I really really want to see a bear...from a safe distance!!!
Tom promised me that we i have high hopes ;)
THEN we're driving to San Francisco.
And then we will fly back to Texas.
See, such a great little trip.
We're both so excited.

We've booked flights and places to stay.
We're looking into the car rental tomorrow.
I mean it's all coming together so well.

This is why we deserve an award.
Planning an 8 day trip in a day and a half.
It's really impressive.

I'm feeling so good about it, and so is Tom and so are our families ;)
33 days people 33 days!!!!!  
:) :) :)

Tomorrow i'm posting about the cupcake shack.
Yes i'm back at the cupcake shack and people are just as weird as when i left.
A man kissed my hand today...
That's the bad news.
The good news is i get to hang out with these little guys all day long.

This is my jealous ;) 
Ok so i'll get fat and then i'll be jealous of you.
We all know that's how this will end.
Such a tangled web i weave.



  1. Ohhh… ABSOlutely amazing planning: HOPE you have a gorgeous trip!!! And you’ve got a gorgeous blog dear: FOLLOW YOU right now!!! ;)
    Check out & follow my blog too --- I’ll be waiting for you!!!

    *Keep in touch ;)
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  2. Holy YUM.
    I'm all for the award...that's real impressive.
    And finally, I think we need a guest post round 2 from Tom. And he should fill us in on his life like what he does, what his "stereotypes" of Americans are, and if he's ever heard of North Dakota. You know, the important stuff.