Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring/Summer fashion favorites!!

Over the past few weeks i've been an online shopping-aholic.
I can't's easy, i'm lazy, they e-mail me about sales...& I'm weak!!

I tend to get rid of clothes after a certain season is over.
I'll normally take them to good will or to one of those sell back shops.
That way i can buy new things for the approaching season.

So i've recently done my fair share of online shopping 
to get back some key items for Spring/Summer.
Most of it has been done through J.Crew.
I swear those Chino shorts are just amazing.
I own about 10 pairs of those babies.
I buy them all when they are on sale for around $19.95!
{oh dear}

I personally prefer the 5" or the 7" Chino Shorts...
You can find them cheaper at the online J.Crew Factory site.

And i'm excited about a few of the summer dresses i've bought like this one.

I ALSO found this shirt the other day while i was out shopping.
The boutique is called upscale and it's in Ft.Worth 
but they don't have a website or i'd link you to them.
I found quite a few things in there but i came across this top in particular.
I think it's the cutest top in the whole wide world.
It's got a giant bow on the back...and it's floral.
My two favorite things!!!

My 12 year old self is wondering who the heck i am...
I used to live in Nike shorts and t-shirts,
If my mom even tried to come at me with a bow 
i'd probably run out of the house screaming!!
Little Emily is growing up...tear ;)


Unrelated but important topic:

I'm SO excited to see the growth of this blog over the past few months!
It really is something i enjoy doing so much!
It's a lot of work to blog 5 or 6 days a week, 
but i'm lucky to have something pretty exciting to blog about!!
I just wanted to thank all of you for sticking around with me,
and for always sending encouraging words to me.
This blog world has already blessed me with some wonderful new friends!
So thanks for taking the time to hang out and see what i'm up too.
I really really appreciate it!! :)

ALSO keep an eye out, Tom's post should be up tomorrow!!
Exciting I know ;)



  1. I just noticed your new blog design! When did that happen?

    Also, I just wanted to point you to my summary post on all my daily blog reads, in which I included you!

    1. It happened.....just now haha ;)

      Oh awesome, thanks so much i'll check it out right now :)

  2. I have those chinos in salmon pink. <3 <3 <3 J. Crew factory :D

    1. I think I have the same ones in salmon :) I love them too..soo much!!!

  3. can I say that one reason I'm so excited to graduate and start making money is so I can fund my J.Crew obsession without sounding pathetic and materialistic?...

    1. You and me both girl!! haha I can't wait to fund that obsession ;)