Friday, May 10, 2013

Summer is here and Tomily Hint #5

The last week of school was full of delicious but bad foods,
awful and more awful tests and projects,
and messed up sleeping patterns.

But it's OVER and i can officially welcome
summertime with open arms!!!

It really wasnt a bad last week of school...
We had a Raclette Party as you can see below...

I studied outside and was attacked by a baby spider...
which scared me enough to send me running inside....

It was such a nice day that i had to try again,
I got a nice right arm sunburn from sitting out here for like 30 minutes ;) 

During the week I tried to slowly pack everything up
so it wouldn't be me trying to pack EVERYTHING in my car the same day i'm leaving.
I did pretty good, i managed to fit most everything in my car.
We have officially left Dorm life behind us, we get shiny pretty apartments next semester ;)

 So i can't tell you enough how happy i am that it's summer.
My cup of care is sooooo empty right now, especially my school cup.
I have been in need of a nice long break and it's finally here.

And do you know what is happening this summer?????
hmm yes, i think you do know!!!

In fact he's coming in 39 days...eeeeep
I can't wait!!!!

I came home to a pile of online shopping finds.
I'm pretty excited about most of it...there's only two pieces i'm wary of,
but i'm determined to make both pieces work.

In these packages was one pretty red dress that's nothing too fancy
but i love it, and it's my airport dress ;) 

I talked to Tom on the phone while driving today via Skype voice calling,
how freaking cool is's just amazing!!!

We stopped talking right before i drove into a monsoon...
good thing we had already hung up or Tom would have heard a terrified Emily on the phone...
I mean it was like i was driving under water...that's how hard it was raining.
Lesson learned, when mom says wait to come home, you should probably listen.

Oh i have a Tomily Summer Plans Hint like i promised the other day.
This one is from Tom and it's really good!!!!
Hint #5 - "You can count on this old geezer" 

See i told you it was good, he's so tricky!!!!
Good luck guessing what we're up to ;)

You can find the other hints here:
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Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!!
And congrats to all of my good friends that are graduating!!! :)



  1. I love your pics of campus...really got me a bit nostalgic since I went there too.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

    1. I think i'll feel the same about the campus one day haha

  2. Raclette party?! How European of you!

  3. Y'all are taking a road trip to Yellowstone National Park.

    Also, raclette is delicious, and I'm jealous.

    1. You are a GENIUS!!! How did you get that?? haha ;)

      Yes it is soooo delicious also we used Italian Fontina cheese which was like a cheesy explosion in my mouth ;) haha

  4. OMG, where is the follow button!? I need to follow this blog ;)