Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Well this is awkward...

Yesterday i spent 7 hours skyping Tom......7 wonderful hours ;)
We skyped for so long because we were planning another trip!!
Wait....Another trip???

Remember Monday when i wrote that blog post about an EPIC road trip...
well......APRIL FOOLS.........that's not happening......anymore.
It's still happening one day....just in the future.
I know, it's sad news.
But not that sad.
Because we have something else planned ;)
Plan B as some might call it.

You see, it's a little harder than we thought for Tom to be able to drive in the USofA.
Insurance type stuff.

And there's also the whole "It's like a 7,000 mile long trip"
It's a long long looonnnnggg road trip, and i know people thought we were crazy.
Nothing wrong with being a little crazy but i think we'll put it off for a bit and come back to it later.

SO INSTEAD...yes instead of the epic road trip...
We're taking an Epic trip to California.
And we're flying.

We were planning on staying in Cali for 4 days while on the road trip.
Now we'll get to stay there longer.
Which is so exciting.

This means we can do a lot of things we weren't going to get to do.
Universal Studios
Lots and lots and lots of Beaches
More Time in San Francisco and LA
and even a mini californian road trip in a rental car :)
Plus this also gives us more time in Texas.

So it's true that the road trip is being postponed but we're still going to 
have an amazing 8 day adventure in California.

So put those sad faces away and get excited for more posts to come about our new trip.
This trip is 100% happening, Flights are being booked today!!
So there's no take backs ;)

And you know, it doesn't matter where we are.
We could spend every day he's here in Texas and it would be just as amazing.
All we want is time together, we just happen to be amazing trip planners.
And we're going to take advantage of that talent.
We just want Tom&Emily time.
And we're going to get it! ;)

I just like him so much!!
I mean loooooook at him :) :) :)
He's soooooooooo cute!!!!
And he'll be here in 35 days
And he's british...
It brings a tear to my eye!!
>>girly sigh<<



  1. Ah I can relate so much to insanely long skype sessions! My relationship was long distance for a while, but now I'm living in London with my (also British) boy! I'm so excited for you guys that you get to be in the same place soon!

    1. Aww that's so exciting, i love reading about other people who have done the whole long distance Skype sessions haha and especially with a Brit ;) We are lucky ladies!!

  2. I know that when I first contemplated driving in the UK I was like, "psshhh no big deal." But then the actuality of it was terrifying! So maybe it's best that (for now) Tom's driving time won't be crazy long. xx

    1. Yea, that's a big reason, i mean it's different driving here so it's best to wait a little while for this trip. :)

  3. So last summer, my boyfriend and I took a cross-country road trip with some friends, and he was legally able to drive (OK, insurance-wise it was a decidedly shady move...) but all Tom should need is his paper license and the plastic version as well. I don't *think* there are any other restrictions (but what do I know, haha.)

    1. Yea, the shadiness of insurance is stopping us. As well as some other things but it's not an awful thing, we'll just go next year instead ;) When we've had more time to really make it work! :)