Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Embarrassing Emily

If there is one thing i'm good at it's embarrassing myself.
Scratch that it's taking secretive pictures with the flash on...
Which is where the embarrassing part comes in.

Ok so i'll set the scene.
I'm in my car talking on the phone to Tom after a walmart trip.
We're just talking when I decide to get out of the car because it's boiling
inside my tiny little Honda Civic.

So i'm standing outside and i see that the car across from mine
had some shadows on it and one of them looks like an elephant.
So i got excited and told Tom that i had spotted an elephant shadow.
I was WAY too excited about this...

So i tell Tom i'd take a picture of it for him.
So i get my iPhone camera up and running....
and snap and FLASH...
oh dear...that's awkward....
So i take another one with the flash turned off
except this time i hear someone walking towards me
so in a hurry to run away awkwardly
i snap a horrible picture and miss the chance to get the elephant shadow.

I'm walking running away from the scene when i hear
someone shout HEY! at me a few times.
I mean i just pretend not to hear it and then 
she follows me and says HEY!!!
Alright....it's all over....

Note: I'm still on the phone with Tom.

So i turn around and she says...did you take a picture of my car?
In which i reply....yes...in a shy embarrassed voice...
She asked if something was wrong with it and i said...
No i was just talking a picture of a squirrel....
She says ok..as if i gave her an adequate excuse.

I run away and put the phone back up to my ear 
and all i hear is a giggly Tom laughing at me
for getting caught and blaming it on a squirrel....

Sigh...can't win em all...

ALSO...unrelated to this story...
Tom doesn't think donuts are for breakfast.
Can you please leave comments explaining to him that
they are indeed a breakfast food!!
Please and thank you ;)



  1. Donuts are definitely for breakfast! (As well as any other time of day!) xx

    1. Exactly, haha i don't mind that they can be eaten at any time of the day but i do think they are breakfast food :)

  2. Donuts are one of my favorite things...ever! Personally, I love eating them anytime of the day (morning, noon, night, middle of the night :) ). They are definitely a breakfast food, though!

    1. Exactly, eat them at all times of the day but they are indeed breakfasty :) Thanks Lori!

  3. LOL... Majority of the time it usually is used for breakfast, but it can be used as an anytime food. I love to go to Krispy Kreme and get a free donut, especially when it's at 9 pm. LOL!!!

    1. I assume you're LOLing at my story haha but really...i'm still red faced from it haha YES!! Thank you, Tom needs to understand this haha and i love KK so much!!!

    2. BTW, this is Mary Lynn, in case you didn't know. ;-)

  4. HAHA!! Sorry I'm laughing, but this is Funnee!

    I've...mmm...never had a donut (!!), so I can't tell Tom they're breakfast food.

    1. hahaha no girl laugh it up, it's seriously hilarious, i'm still laughing about it haha ;)

      Oh girl, get a donut!! They are oh so good!!

  5. This story was hilarious! Totally sounds like something I would do...ha.
    Oh and Tom- Donuts are for breakfast. :D

    1. Haha oh good, i'm glad it's not just me ;)
      THANK YOU! haha i'm excited people agree!!

  6. Oh and how's your Paris promotion thing going?

    1. whomp whomp...not very well i'm afraid. But you know, it's ok because i'll just spend my spring in England instead ;) haha just on my own dime instead of the schools :(

  7. Dear Tom,

    Here in America it is acceptable to eat a donut for breakfast. The real question is whether it should be...



    1. I feel like the real question is almost of more importance haha :) Thanks girl!