Thursday, February 27, 2014

We sneak pizza into movies...

We {Tom and I} are a theaters worst nightmare.

Movie theaters are RIDICULOUSLY expensive.
So expensive that a few years ago I decided to Boycott going to the movies
to fight the system and encourage them to lower the prices...

However that was unsuccessful...
since I was the only one taking part in the boycott.

You can literally go bankrupt on one night at the movies.
Or instead of going to the movies, you could spend the day at an amusement park
and spend about the same amount of money.

My's expensive...
And our way of fighting the system is less dramatic that a Boycott.

Before we leave for the movies we empty out my small backpack.
We head over to Marks and Spencer once we get to town and we get
two diet cokes, one water, and some sour cream and onion pringles.
And some grapes if we're feeling really crazy.

But last night we decided to forget the grapes
and leave room for some dinner instead.

Sneaking dinner into the movies...we're basically evil geniuses.

A few weeks ago we saw two guys that had snuck in Burritos from
the Burrito place that's right next to the Theater.

It inspired us.

So last night we got 3 pizza slices from a pizza slice place.
And a Burrito from the burrito place.

Placed it all in my bag along with the other snacks
we had gotten from M&S and headed into the movies.

On top of that, we had won a free large popcorn
from a game we played at the theater the previous week.

We were stocked and ready to be stuffed.

So we're seeing Twelve years a slave.
We sit down and chow down.

The preview stuff starts but the screen is black.
After a few minutes people start leaving to go tell the staff.

At one point the lights come up and a woman walks to the front of the theater.

We assume she is there to make sure the movie starts 
but we notice her eyeing us a little to intently.

We freeze in our tracks...or our bites and I ask Tom if we'd been caught.
We just sit there frozen in terror for about 30 seconds
and then the film starts and she leaves.

And we're back to stuffing our faces.

The movie, Twelve years a slave...was a bit traumatic...
I cried, like a baby, more than once.

And i swear Tom shed a tear or two as well.
Even though he denies it ;)

Also...throughout the movie I kept saying to myself..
"Gosh, I wonder how long he was away from his family"
Then...{SPOILER ALERT} When he's reunited with them
and his kids are grown i'm shocked that it was that long.

Then I remember the title of the movie...12 years...and i feel real dumb ;)

Great movie, amazing acting, but totally sad!!

And it makes you hate 19th century white people, at least the baddies.
There were some goodies back then to :)

We started the night out by going on the Liverpool Ferris Wheel.
It was great, we had a coupon and it was only £6.00 for the both of us.

It was nice, but a little terrifying.

So we had a great night out and now you know
we're movie theater villains ;)

If they ever start checking bags then we're going
to slowly back away and go eat our snacks elsewhere haha


  1. Haha I've snuck pizza and snacks in the movies before. I understand the paranoia lol

  2. I don't think sneaking snacks in like chocolate or gummy bears is that bad but I would die of anxiety if I was ever going to try to sneak in dinner. I would be so embarrassed if they cauht me. I'm kinda admiring you for being so rebellious ;-)

  3. My friend and I once snuck in a fountain soda each (like, not bottled or canned) and a take-out container of pasta with sauce each. We each had one of those combo meals from those chains all over France where you choose your pasta/sauce/meat/veggies. It took careful balancing within our purses not to spill, but it was an awesome dinner at the cinema.

  4. Never commented before but I love reading all your cutsie stories. It reminds me of my husband and I when we first started dating. :-) Anyway, I love reading what you guys are up to even if I don't ever comment.