Wednesday, February 12, 2014

London Bound

We're off to London tonight!!!
Tom is in work so i'm
in charge of getting some snacks together
in case we get the early morning bus ride munchies...
Which we totally will...

I can't wait to get to London.
The strike seems to be over, at least that's what i heard
so we won't have an trouble getting to some of the places
that are a little far to walk to.

It's going to be such a perfect couple of days!
I won't have my laptop so i won't blog
again until Saturday.

But you can follow along
on all things Tomily in London
by following me on Instagram


Yesterday was such a fun day.
Tom was off and i was watching his niece
so that meant we were both watching his niece.

We decided to take P on a walk.
So we found her stroller and started 
getting it set up...or didn't...

It was the toughest stroller to get into.
ahem...Pram...that's what they're called over here.

After fighting it for about 20 minutes we went and got Toms mom.
We failed pretty miserably and P witnessed the whole thing...
Which is why she looked like this once
we got her buckled in...

Poor thing..
But once we got her out and about she loved it.

While we were on P duty Tom got a little package in the mail.
Seriously though....the tiniest package ever ;)

I bought this for him for V day.
It came early and well...i have no patience
so i let him have it.

It's a compass with a note that says "where would I be without you".
It came in the tiniest of boxes that you can personalize
and wrapped in the "small times" newspaper ;)
It's so cute and corny but he loved it!!

So I guess you won't hear
from us on here until this weekend.

I hope you all have a great rest of the week.
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  1. So cute! Good practice for you two :))
    Do you get paid to babysit? Or you do it as a favor? :)