Friday, November 14, 2014

Flighty flights

Buying flights, Oy!

In the past two years of long distance dating
Tom and I have spent around $4,000 on flights alone.

We're about to make it $5,000 with his flight in January 
and before next year is done it will be close to $6,000 because
I'm sure I'll be making my way over there again.

Long distance is EXPENSIVE!!

We've been stalking sky scanner once again.
Waiting for the perfect ticket price.

The problem is, that rarely ever happens.

There was one time that I had a too good to be true flight price
and that was my flight to the Dominican and back.
It was about $320 roundtrip and when I purchased
it i'm pretty sure i heard Angels sing!!

A few weeks ago, before Tom had a Visa
the flights from MAN - DAL were in the $600's.

Today they're in the $900's

But truth be told even when you get a ticket
at a great price you're still left thinking if you could
have done any better.

Flight prices fluctuate so often and it's
really frustrating because you buy a ticket
and then the next day that same ticket is $200 cheaper.

Sooo over the past two years I've just learned to
jump when tickets are looking too good to be true.

I've also learned what the average cost of a flight
from MAN-DAL and DAL-MAN cost.

That way even when I do spend $900 on a flight
I know that it's pretty normal and I haven't totally
been bamboozled by the airline industry.
I mean i've probably been bamboozled but
it just doesn't feel as bad.

Now when the price of flights is $1,100 or more...
I feel totally bamboozled.

All that being said...
Buying flights sucks but it's a necessary evil.

If you've never heard of Sky Scanner
I would deffinitely recommend looking into it. 
It's a great site to compare prices and find
the best times to fly in order to get cheaper flights :)

I'm sure I'll be buying flights for like...the rest of my life
so I'll just have to get used to this ;)

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!


  1. skyscanner was a Godsend for Peter and I. Living in Crete meant he had two flights minimum to come visit me, and it was usually more. I've been buying a lot of flights lately, and I've read that using an incognito window prevents the airlines from "hiding" cheaper tickets from you when they see you want a certain route. Most airlines also often do discounts on Tuesdays, so that's a good time to look. And if you haven't heard, Norwegian Air is running scary cheap flights across the Atlantic to promote some new routes. Don't if it's still going or if they fly to Manchester, but it's worth looking into. Hope this helps (:

    1. I spent like a week trying to get any Norwegian flights to work haha They are so affordable but when the times don't match connecting flights it's just really sad. We ended up just buying one. It was under $1000 so I'm not too upset, but Tom did text me this morning and the prices have dropped! Sooooo dumb!!

  2. It is so true! If you don't buy when the price looks good, you will miss out. Thank you for sharing :)

    1. It is true, you've just got to be on guard and ready at all times haha!! :)