Saturday, November 22, 2014

We booked a flight!!!!

A few weeks ago Tom made the trip down to London
to apply for his B-2 Visa to come to the USofA for 6 months.

That was step 1.
It went rather smoothly seeing as he got the Visa with zero problems.

Step 2 was to book a flight.
That step happened on Friday.

So now we just wait for his arrival.

Tom is coming back to Texas and I am so stinking excited!!!

January 22nd can't get here fast enough!!
I'm so ready to have my guy back here with me.

I can't believe he just gets to stay here for half a year!!
I mean I know I did the same thing earlier this year but 
it still just seems so crazy that we get this much time together.

I mean all of this is leading up to even more time together.
But I'll take this for now ;)

Yay for Tom coming back to Texas!!!

I'm not the only excited person to see him returning
but I am the MOST excited out of everyone!!
Yippee I can't wait till he's here!!!

:) :)


  1. I haven't wanted to comment before because I haven't really known what to say but wow this is so exciting, I know the waiting is one of the hardest things, but you only have just over 2 weeks to wait before you're both together again. Id do anything to be in your position. I just left my boyfriend in Finland after spending Christmas with him and his family and we don't know when we'll next see each other again so I'm just waiting in England until that's possible �� keep up the blog posts I love reading your posts and I hope you guys have an amazing time! (P.s. I love that yous were pen pals first and met online - that's how we did too!!)

    1. It is very exciting!! The waiting in between is hard and I know how you feel about not knowing when the next time to see each other will be. Thats the most disheartening time, when you don't have a plan in place. Tom and I try our best to plan ahead so that we're always looking forward to that next time together haha but it's hard because you have to plan without knowing what will actually happen. It's rough but it always works out!! I hope you get back to your Finland love as soon as possible!! Thanks for the love! I wish you so much luck with your relationship!! :)

  2. I definitely think planning ahead is the best, and we have, he's finished his degree in December so we're trying to close the distance right now!!
    Have yous got any plans of eventually living together and not doing the whole long distance?

    1. We're hoping to start the fiancé visa process at the end of this year so that next year we can end the distance haha ;) fingers crossed everything works out!! :)