Friday, December 19, 2014

We got a dog!!!!

So over the past two weeks or so I've been perusing
the web like a crazy lady for a little pupster.

This all started when Tom thought I was getting
him a puppy for Christmas...

Tom has unfulfilled puppy for Christmas wishes ;)

I wasn't getting him a puppy, I was actually going to get him a turtle.

Tom has ALWAYS wanted a turtle.
So I was going to get one for him...

Well the turtle plan was squished the instant
I thought about actually getting a dog.

Then I went online and started looking
for pups that needed adopting.

Seeing all of those sweet sweeeeeet faces
just confirmed that this was indeed happening.

So I'm allergic to sheddy dogs so
I was looking at a small group of breeds
that were light to no shedding pups.

Which FIRST of all led me to George.
I'm going to tell you a little about George just
in case there is someone out there that could
adopt this little bundle of love!!!

George was born paralyzed so he can't
use his back two legs.

He has a little doggy wheel chair
that helps him get around.

Even though he's paralyzed his little tail
still wags when he see's you because he's happy.

It's a doggy miracle!!

Just look at him!!!


We fell IN LOVE with George.
& I cried when I found out we couldn't get him.

He's in Arizona and it's just too far
for us to travel to get him.

And as much as I lovveeee him
I don't think we're equipped to handle
this beautiful pup and his specialness.

If you live in Arizona and you
want a sweet pup to love on you should
look up George.

You can use Tom's idea and put
racing stripes on his chair ;)

So the dog hunt continued.

I emailed many shelters 
and sent out a ton of adoption applications
but I always seemed to be a day late for the pup.

Then Winston came into view
and that instant love connection returned.

Winston was left at the shelter by his previous
family because they didn't have time for him.

I have time, give him to meeee!!

I sent the application in and we were
contacted soon after about coming to pick him up.

Winston is a Morkie.
That's a Maltese/Yorkie
but he's definitely more Yorkie
than anything else.

We found out last night that he's CANADIAN!!!
How fun is that??

Tom is British and Winston is Canadian ;)
We're so diverse over here.

He's a healthy little pup, he's on the skinny side
so we're going to be working on slowly getting
some meat on his bones.

He's the sweetest pup!!!
He loves to be cuddled and take naps.
He's quiet but I think that's because this is all new.
He should liven up a bit as time goes on.

He loves people, he goes up to everyone.

He can walk on his hind legs for like...a long time!!
I foresee Tom teaching him some tricks as
soon as he get's here in January.

Tom and I both decided on making this dog our dog.
So we can't wait for Tom to get here so we can be
a little doggy family ;)

The mush comes out when something so
cute is sleeping at your feet ;)


  1. Winston is so cute! Congrats on getting a pup together. :)

  2. awww, congrats!!! a dog together is THE BEST

    1. IT IS!! I just can't wait for Tom to meet winston in real life instead of over skype haha ;)